Sutton Golf Club. A short history.

In the latter part of the 19th Century the game of Golf was well established in Dublin and throughout Ireland having been introduced mainly by the British Forces. The Dublin Golf Club was established in the early 1880s and had their Course in the Phoenix Park.

At the same time it would appear that Golf was being played, most likely on an unofficial basis, on a little sandy peninsula at Sutton known as Cush or Cosh Point, which was the property of the Lord Howth.

In 1888 it is recorded that the members of the Dublin Golf Club were unhappy with the condition of their course in the Phoenix Park due, to a very heavy growth of grass that year, and their President John Lumsden, (later Sir John Lumsden), recommended that the Club move to Cosh Point in Sutton. An agreement was signed with Lord Howth for the use of the course at a rent of 1 shilling a month, 3 months rent in advance being paid to him.

Early in 1889 John Lumsden came forward with another proposal that the Club should now move again to the Bull Island and permission had been granted by Colonel Vernon of Clontarf and the Dublin Port and Docks Board for the move. The reason given was that Sutton was out of reach of the majority of the playing members. Having moved to the Bull Island the Dublin Golf Club became the Royal Dublin Golf Club as we know it today.

In 1890 we now find a new lease for the playing of Golf on Cosh Point being issued by Lord Howth to a Mr.J. McAdam on behalf of the Dublin Scottish Golf Club. It is not known whether this Club evolved as part of the Dublin Golf Club who wished to continue playing at Cosh Point or what was the Scottish connection. Dublin Scottish Golf Club played their first monthly medal competition in October 1890 and it is also recorded that a Mr. John Jameson was the winner of the Captain?s Medal in 1891. It is believed that this Mr. Jameson was a member of the well-known Distillery family who came from Portmarnock.

After the 1891 report there is no further record of the Dublin Scottish Golf Club or golf at Cosh Point until we find the record of the amalgamation of the Sutton Golf and Boat Clubs which became known as the Sutton Golf Club, the Yacht and Boat Club having been formed in 1894. It would appear that the Yacht and Boat Club had a slip, a jetty, and a Clubhouse on Cosh Point but that an increasing number of the membership became more interested in Golf than in sailing.

In January 1896 the Golf Club was formed and a Committee was set up to frame the Rules. An amalgamation was then proposed between the sailors and the golfers and the Club became known simply as the Sutton Golf Club.

 JB B/WIt will be difficult for anyone visiting the Club today to believe that the original 9 holes were all on the seaside of the railway on only 24 acres of land. This was the case up until 1971 when, having been granted a lease by Dublin Corporation to "Connors Field", which had been a Municipal dump on the other side of the railway, the Club constructed 3 new holes to a design by Commander Harris and remodelled the original 9 holes to become 6 holes for a new 9 hole layout. The total acreage today is 40 acres.

The links was again remodelled in 1993 to a design by Patrick Merrigan which saw a complete rework of the land in Connor?s Field into 3 completely different holes and significant changes also on the sea side of the course .Based on the space available we now believe we have a nice test of Golf with many hidden and subtle dangers which require skill and patience to overcome. 

The magnificent new Clubhouse we are in today is the third building on this site. The original little wooden pavilion was replaced in 1965 by a more modern building, which in turn was replaced in 2001.

The main feature of our Clubhouse is the Dr. JB (Joe) Carr room which pays a proud tribute to our most illustrious Member, whose record as one of the World's leading Amateur Golfers of his era is unsurpassed and undisputed and who was the first Irishman to be made Captain of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in 1991.

Sutton is very much a Golf Club where the playing of the game and competitive Golf is of primary importance. The many pennants on display in the Clubhouse attest to the Club's golfing successes down through the years at all levels of the game. However it is also very much a social and a family Club with most of the Members living within a short radius of the Club.

The Club is also noted for its friendliness and hospitality and we enjoy the company of our visitors from all over the World.